Revisit “Shemitah” and “Jubilee” according to the Hebrew and Greek Bible

Shemitah and Jubilee 安息年和禧年

Shemitah and Jubilee are two important concepts that are similar and related but also different in many ways. Simply speaking, Shemitah comes once every 7 years and Jubilee once every 50 years. Shemitah focuses on “Entering Rest” and Jubilee on “Entering Restoration back to the Original”.

Shemitah in its full term, is in fact composed of two Heb[……]

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Reexamine Six Occurrences of “Thousand Years” in Greek in Revelation 20

Author: Baruch

After reading all six books of the “End Time Series” no single other word but “shock” could be used to describe my reaction. I have always believed that there is only one interpretation for “one thousand years” that occur 6 times in Revelation 20. I felt the need to check the Greek for myself as I know the inerrancy of the Bible ref[……]

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Why does man want to die but fear death?

Author: #49

In modern days, it is not rare to see some people, especially those who have all kinds of chronic diseases, who suffer to a point of wanting to die but when the death really comes they instead opt to go to hospitals to live by enduring needles and taking medicines.

Moreover, it is this group of people who take great care of their ph[……]

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