I Have Finally Seen the “Whole Elephant”

–Reflections Upon Reading 4/11 to 5/28 Devotionals in
“Nightly Dew in the Desert”

One can say it is long, but not too long, it is short, but not too short — ever since I believed in Jesus and came into contact with the Bible, it has been over 20 years.

In these years of learning to read the Bible, from when I knew nothing, like an elementary student who accepted all that the teacher says, to when I progressed to absorb from pastors’ messages and various spiritual books, basics of the Gospel and Christian theology which a common believer could gather.

However, as my “schooling” increased, God slowly has led me away from the force-fed model of “education”. Using reasonings connected to reality, I have started to consider how to better understand truths in the Bible and how to live out these truths in real life.

Through these years of studying and thinking, while looking at all kinds of theologies that different denominations hold dear, I always feel that there is some hinderance, unclear and unexplained, which blocks us from entering deeper into Bible truths.

When I read about the messages in Nightly Dew in the Desert,4/11 – 5/28 about the golden lampstand and how it is related to the structure of the Bible, I suddenly saw the light — the elusive thing I wanted to get hold of has been caught!

And that is, the Bible’s three in one quality — integrity, invariancy and inerrancy. Especially its integrity, because the Bible says of the golden lampstand, “the whole of it was a single hammered work of pure gold.”

Think about it, to beat one lampstand, including the base, shaft, branches, the various cups, bulbs, and flowers out of a chunk of gold nearly 100 pounds, is not an easy task. This is not a job for one or two people. It requires a whole team of goldsmiths working closely together, and it requires time.

We can understand that the history of the OT and NT’s being established as one book was a history of God’s using many different kinds of people to beat into shape a single golden lampstand. Naturally, in the process of making the lampstand, it sometimes required a few people, sometimes more people. Therefore, some played the primary role and some the secondary role. There was also the necessity for God to purify the people He chose to use. Today, as the Lord’s return is at hand, this lampstand made of a “single hammered work of pure gold” is already completed — thus we have the opportunity to really know the Bible’s integrity.

The six books in the End Times Series, published by Theologos Publications, is actually taking the teachings/doctrines accepted by traditional Christianity, combine it with the many new information that are gleaned since the age of computers, and subjecting these new information to the scrutiny of original language reference works, so as to enable the reader to objectively, correctly and profoundly understand the scriptures within a framework of the Bible as one unified work.

Similarly, if one can stand at a hight place, and first see the elephant’s panoramic view, then go down to observe the elephant’s trunk, body, feet, and other body parts, then one will not make the error of the blind mistaking the elephant for its parts.

Man cannot correctly understand God’s Word in its entirety due to his corrupt sinful nature. This is the reason why so many religions and denominations spring up. Plus for everything God has his own time table. Therefore all these many years, it has been hard to grasp the integrity of the Bible.

However, as mankind has stepped into the computer age and as the Lord’s steps come ever closer, the Holy Spirit is leading his people to correctly understand the Bible through experiencing its integrity, invariancy and inerrancy.

I do not feel the six books discuss issues exhaustively, however, they do provide a useful roadmap for understanding the Bible’s integrity, invariancy and inerrancy.

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