Happy Numbers and Unhappy Numbers (1)

Author: Lotertius

There is website, HAD2KNOW.COM (if you have the interest, you can go and check it out), reporting the following information:

They use the method of splitting any number into its single digit(s), multiply each digit by itself and then add the result(s) together – do it several times until a pattern is reached – they find that all numbers can be categorized into two groups. One group of numbers can be transformed into 1 in the end and they call them Happy Numbers.

Another group of numbers cannot be transformed into 1, but fall into a circulating and none-stop cycle among eight numbers (37_58_89_145_42_20_4_16) and they call them Unhappy Numbers.

On the surface, one can hardly see what kind of mysteries hidden behind all this. However, if you have read the book “Numbers & Roots of Numbers in the Bible,” the above Happy Numbers and Unhappy Numbers confirm from another angle the truth that the Word of God is a unified Law that can apply anywhere and to anything, whether you believe it or not.

The root of the so-called “Happy Numbers” — 1 — it is both a number that represents God’s unchanging nature that cannot be altered whatsoever and a numerical root that speaks of the fact that all believers of God can go back to God’s bosom which is the final destination for all created beings who have obtained the sonship of God.

As for the “Unhappy Numbers”, their numerical roots (based on the Trinity Root Function), are these: 37——370, 58——370, 89——407, 145——370, 42——153, 20——371, 4——(133_55_250), 16——(217_352_160).

To summarize, there are a total of six numerical roots for the above eight numbers, i.e. four fixed mono-element roots——370、407、153、371 and two roots circulating among three elements ——(133_55_250) and (217_352_160).

8 is the number of resurrection. The reason why these eight “Unhappy Numbers” fall into an unstopping cycle under the influence of the “addition of squared digit(s)” principle is because it is telling us one thing: when the day of resurrection for all humanity is approaching us, everyone is being involved in the Holy Spirit’s ongoing work of sanctification, no one is an exception.

You can see that the four mono-element roots——370、407、153、371 represent all believers of Jesus who can eventually enter into 1 to become the people of God; and the two circulating roots——(133_55_250) and (217_352_160) represent all men and women who come from the fallen angels, among whom are not repenting at death and whom are separated out by the Holy Spirit to become those who are cast into the Lake of Fire.

When the day of mankind’s resurrection comes, whether you believe Jesus or not, despite of how much extent you believe in Him, all good or bad people are mixed together and waiting for the final conclusion——9 which represents the final stage. Who can be really happy in these days of waiting?

Paul’s words “… we know that the whole creation groans and travails in pain together until now” describe this situation well, doesn’t it?

When we understand the inside-and-out and differences between happy numbers and unhappy numbers, then question becomes whether you are willing to enter into 1——becoming a person with the joy and life of God’s son or remain to be in the two vicious cycles of 4——(133_55_250) and 16——(217_352_160) and cannot get out of either one of them in this life and then fall into the ranks of (244_136) which represents the Lake of Fire in the life to come. The latter is indeed unhappy for ever and ever.

This is indeed what you have to know and what you should have already known.

Note 1: This article was received from a reader after reading the six-volume series “End Times Books” published by TheoLogos Publications. To encourage readers to share more of this type of articles but at the same to allow them to remain anonymous, any reader can choose to use a pseudonym or number to represent him or her.

Note 2: To find out how the unprecedented discovery of numerical roots was made, please read Taichuan Tongs’ new book “Numbers and Roots of Numbers in the Bible” published by TheoLogos Publications.

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