Why does man want to die but fear death?

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In modern days, it is not rare to see some people, especially those who have all kinds of chronic diseases, who suffer to a point of wanting to die but when the death really comes they instead opt to go to hospitals to live by enduring needles and taking medicines.

Moreover, it is this group of people who take great care of their physical health, not daring to miss any bottles of medicines. Whenever one’s disease has improved and things are getting more bearable, no one wants to die and everyone fears death.

Why do such contradictory attitudes take place on one person?

In the past, I found it was very hard to find the real answer to this question. After reading the book “Nightly Dew in the Desert”, especially the messages concerning where men come from, where they are going and the White Throne judgement of God, I finally get the point.

The reason being, it is the nature of fallen angels that is passed onto men to seek for a cozy and comfortable living environment. Therefore, no one wants to taste the bitterness of suffering. The thought of seeking for a way out, suicide or leaving the world whenever the test of hardship comes.

However, beside the physical and visible body, man also has a spiritual life that is invisible. The death of one’s body does not mean the end of one’s spirit. The Bible clearly says that along with the second coming of Jesus, all who were dead will be resurrected and stand before the White Throne to face the final judgement — that is the moment when the final destination of one’s spirit is determined.

Whether or not you believe it or not, because the future judgement is real and as the day of Jesus’ coming is approaching, the pressure of God’s final judgement on one’s heart becomes greater and greater with time and one’s fear and agony become greater and greater as well. This is like a man getting sued for a certain crime — if he gets called to the court in tens of years in the future, naturally he does not care too much; however, if the judge sends an order to ask to appear in court in a few months or few weeks, isn’t he feeling the presure now?

This is the real reason why many people and increasingly more people fall into a tremendous fear without peace. In order to get out of this fear, the only way is to believe into Jesus and get the sealed evidence of peace from the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, one one can get a way out of the fear that is hanging over the whole world.

According to the Bible, one’s future is determined by his or her present realities. Moreover, “today” is changing and will become yesterday after only 24 hours.

Therefore, no matter how you heard, thought and did in “yestoday,” in order to stand firm in days of the Last Stage without being moved by the devil’s terrible threat or strong delusions, it is crucial to “collect manna daily,” to seek for God’s will daily and to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading daily.

Only by this way, we can prevent our manna from being “full of maggots and begining to smell” (Exodus 16:20) and be always ready to meet the face of the Lord in this computer age.

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