Why is it so hard for man to say the Great Good-bye?

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It is such a natural custom for men, women, old or young to wave and say “Good-bye” when they depart from each other in daily lives.

However, it is not so natural and easy for the living to depart from the dead when your friends or relatives pass away. The Bible often calls the death that normal people refer to a “sleep” — everyone knows that no matter how long a person sleeps, there is always a time for him to wake up.

From this viewpoint, the separation between the living and the dead is merely another form of saying “Good-bye” — the only difference between the two forms of “Good-bye” is that the latter takes relatively a long time for the living and the dead to meet again. For convenience, we call this form of departation the “Great Good-bye.”

From the daily messages of 6/09 – 6/10 in the book “Rare Pearls in the Deep “ I read the true meaning for the shortest verse in the Bible “Jesus wept” which really touches my heart.

Even for a person like Mary of Bethany who once paid good attention under Jesus’ feet to listen to Him and truly loved the Lord, the truth that the dead will be surely resurrected and the “Great Good-bye” will come true appeared to be a wishy-washy thing — it was this doubt that brought tears of grief and anger from Jesus.

Chinese has a saying which goes like this: “The deathbed can lead people to speak with great honesty.” This means that there is nothing else that strikes man’s heart like death itself. However, it is too late for a person to perceive, understand and know the importance of the law of death and life before he or she breaths the last breath.

Concerning the issue of life and death, nothing is more important than knowing and understanding (1459-919), the numerical root of resurreciton that is closely related to everyone.

A man can have a different world view and value system when he lives in this world. However, when the issue of life and death comes, no one can hide his inner fear for death before this touchstone. This is even so for those who are living within the Christian faith.

It is the same for everyone. If you are confused about the need to say the “Great Good-bye” to anyone sooner or later, then when the death waves its hand to you or when you attend the funerals of your friends or relatives, you will be surely hard to stay calm from your turmoil of emotions.

Only by that time, one can see that if his or her faith is not built upon the solid foundation of the resurrection truth which is represented by the numerical root (1459-919), then anything else suddenly becomes like a paper support when one encounters the death.

In the eve of the so-called “end of the world,” anyone who wants to pass the test of this Great Good-bye must first have a better understanding of it. In reality, whether you believe or not, the resurrection of mankind — this Great Good-bye — will surely take place upon the second coming of Jesus.

Agreed, you do not need to care when this “Great Good-bye” will come as the more important issue is, whom you will meet when that day comes.


Note 1: This article was received from a reader after reading the “End Times Series” published by TheoLogos Publications. To encourage readers to share more of this type of articles but at the same to allow them to remain anonymous, any reader can choose to use a pseudonym or number to represent him or her.

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