Numerical Roots Prove the Spiritual Meaning of Two Numberings of the House of Israel in the Book of Numbers

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Author: #77

If we talk about numbers in the Bible, the book of Numbers in the Old Testament could be a book that contains numbers the most. Even Greek, Latin and English translations of the book use words all meaning NUMBERS in each language, different from its original Hebrew name which means “In the Wilderness.”

This book records two rounds o[……]

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“Won Done Song” and Man’s Numerical Root

Author: #47

As one of the four well-known ancient classic writings, “A Dream of Red Mansions” has in its first chapter a poem called “Won Done Song.” After taking David Hawks’ translation but with a little adjustment with Yang Xianyi’s translation for the starting part, the whole song goes like this in English:

roots of numbers cover

Men long to be immortal and say[……]

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